RATES 2016 Final



*MONTHLY W/ CONTRACT : Must pay the 1st and 6th month deposit. No Refund.

*6, 12, AND 18 SESSION CLASS: A card pass will be given and must be presented

to an authorized representative of CF Taft upon every visit.




  • WOD

    or Workout Of the Day is the regular class workout of CrossFit. This is for everyone who knows how to do CrossFit or have already done 2 sessions of Foundations.


    is a class similar to CrossFit designed to focus on total body workout without weightlifting. This class has less emphasis on barbells and other weightlifting equipment. This is a good option for those who want high intensity workout but are not ready for regular CrossFit classes. It is recommended to do at least one (1) month of Bootcamp classes before enrolling to CrossFit (WOD).


    is your stepping stone to CrossFit Training. We recommend anyone who’s new to CrossFit to enroll to this class. This will teach you the basics, the proper form of the exercises, and how to do the workouts safely. It is recommended to do at least one (1) month of Bootcamp Class before enrolling to CrossFit (WOD).


    is for anyone who like to workout with their own programs or training. This is a non-supervised workout.